Organic Colour Systems is more than outstanding products – it’s a system of total hair care. Used together, our ranges deliver outstanding results with coloured hair.

We’ve specially formulated every product in every range to work together for naturally healthier hair and longer-lasting colour.

It works because it’s gentle and non-damaging

Our system is designed to treat coloured hair gently at every stage of every treatment from shampooing to styling.

Most other hair care products use chemicals that strip hair of colour and health as they style, perm and straighten.

We take a different approach. With Organic Colour Systems every product in every range contains the minimum of chemicals and the maximum of certified organic ingredients.

And because all our products are gentle and non-damaging to hair, hair looks healthier and colour stays locked in. Plus, all our products can safely be used together.

Our care range and colour range work together

The Organic Colour Systems care range and colour range work together for outstanding results.

Our uniquely natural shampoos and reconstructors soften the hair before colouring and gently open up the outer layer (cuticle) so colour is easily absorbed.

Then our nourishing conditioners close the cuticle completely, and restore hair to its natural pH value. That means colour stays locked in and hair looks smooth and shiny.

Our care range products also contain natural UV light filters to protect hair and keep colour longer-lasting.

Nourishes, protects and strengthens coloured hair

All our products are packed with natural moisturisers and proteins that nourish, protect and strengthen coloured hair during every process from shampooing to straightening. So hair looks healthier than ever.

Even damaged hair can safely be coloured and styled with Organic Colour Systems. Our uniquely nourishing and strengthening formulations work together across all ranges to repair damaged hair in a short time.

With our flexible system, hair in any condition can be successfully coloured, styled, straightened or permed. And these processes can be done one after the other without causing any damage to the hair.

Naturally styled, permed and straightened hair

Our control range is rich in natural conditioners that add extra body, hold and shine, and protect hair during styling. It doesn’t matter how often hair is styled, it won’t get damaged.

Our straightening system uses a natural product, keratin, to straighten and condition hair at the same time. And our perm system is uniquely gentle and natural for natural, healthy looking curls.

Thanks to our unique system, all our products are safe to use on coloured hair and work together to create long-lasting colour and healthy hair.